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Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethical and ecological behaviour is in the founding DNA of CENTAURA DIAMONDS.
Ethics, integrity, environmental protection, product responsibility, and social projects are just part of this.
We implement these values through our corporate responsibility strategy.

Ethics and integrity
CENTAURA DIAMONDS Ethical decisions are based on fundamental values such as honesty, integrity, the keeping of promises, fairness, respect, and concern for others.

We also take our responsibilities seriously when purchasing natural diamonds. We exclusively purchase diamonds which meet the strict regulations of the Kimberley process. In this way, we make our own contribution to the fight against conflict diamonds.

We offer a lifetime guarantee for every natural diamond that leaves our house.

Product responsibility
Our quality standards guarantee purely natural diamonds that have been neither treated not manipulated by human hands. Each diamond is as Mother Nature created it. The only human contribution to these precious diamonds is the most beautiful and sparkling of cuts; the brilliant cut. This shows off the true energy and brilliance of each diamond to its best advantage.

CENTAURA DIAMONDS likewise guarantees that all natural diamonds are conflict-free.

The quality of each natural diamond is our top priority. We ensure this through having suppliers and diamond cutters with over 30 years of experience without exception, while our expert team monitors the value of every natural diamond.

We do not compromise on quality or transparency. Each natural diamond from CENTAURA DIAMONDS has a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime guarantee.