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About us

CENTAURA DIAMONDS As a Swiss company and brand, for us Swiss values are not simply a duty, but also a need. Accuracy, quality, integrity, order, and discipline.

CENTAURA DIAMONDS has a globally recognised and respected team from the worlds of diamonds and finance. Our ability to consistently recognise and purchase the same brilliant high-quality diamonds reflects the responsibility we feel for the product we offer. The certificate of authenticity which accompanies each diamond is our guarantee that not only has the diamond been ethically mined and cut, but also that it derives from conflict-free sources. This is a lifetime guarantee.

It is the passion and the mission of CENTAURA DIAMONDS to create diamond gifts. Every single step, from the selection of motifs and the design of the packaging, right through to the diamond itself, is brought to fruition with a great deal of commitment and expertise, while also taking into consideration the overall beauty and aesthetics.

Every single product created by CENTAURA DIAMONDS features only the finest diamonds. When it comes to giving diamonds, they have to be CENTAURA DIAMONDS. The original! Because you have earned the very best.